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  1. algoritma

    Oscillator Smoothed Adapative Stochastic Oscillator

    Smoothed Adapative Stochastic Oscillator n:=Input("**Volatility** lookback length",1,50,20); x:=Input("%K smoothing (exponential smoothing)",1,50,3); y:=Input("%D smoothing (exponential smoothing)",1,50,3); lenmax:=28; lenmin:=7; v1:=Stdev(C,n); v2:=HHV(v1,n); v3:=LLV(v1,n)...
  2. algoritma

    Hareketli Ortalama Moving Average - Fractal Adaptive (FAMA) by John Ehlers

    John Ehlers' article in this issue, "Fractal Adaptive Moving Averages," introduces an indicator of the same name. In his indicator formula, he restricts the number of periods to an even number. The formula in MetaStock avoids this restriction by asking for the smaller time frame. This number is...
  3. algoritma

    Hareketli Ortalama Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average II

    . To: <metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> . Subject: Re: Easy language to MS translation HELP . From: "Jossart Alain" <Alain.Jossart@xxxxxxxxx> . Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 11:46:48 +0100 . References: <001001c0588c$86622aa0$6421e0d5@xxxxxx> . Reply-To: metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx . Sender...
  4. algoritma

    Trend Kanalı Exponential Moving Average - Cycle-adaptive by Jose Silva

    Cycle-adaptive EMA - periodicity determined by historical price cycles. Exponential Moving Average - Cycle-adaptive { Cycle-adaptive Exponential Moving Avg v1.1 } { EMA periodicity determined by historical price cycle based on ZigZag cycles } { (c) Copyright 2004...
  5. algoritma

    Oscillator Chande's Adaptive Stochastic Oscillator

    ---- Original Message ----- From: Dave Nadeau To: metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 12:40 PM Subject: Re: adaptive stochastic oscillator Here's what I come up with. It doesn't work, and I've run into this issue when trying to solve some other problems. Does anyone have any...
  6. algoritma

    Hareketli Ortalama Adaptive RSI by Perry Kaufman

    MetaStock formula derived from calculations in Trading Systems and Methods, Third Edition, by Perry J. Kaufman. This formula adapts the standard RSI to a smoothing constant. Adaptive RSI Period := Input("Period",1,10000,20); sc := Abs(RSI(Period)/100 - .5)*2; If(Cum(1) <= Period, CLOSE...
  7. algoritma

    İndikatör Adaptive Trends And Oscillators by John Ehlers

    Here is the code for use in MetaStock 6.52 orhigher for the instantaneous trendline and sinewave indicator as described by John Ehlers in "Adaptive Trends And Oscillators" in thisissue. To implement them, the following formulas must be created in MetaStock's Indicator Builder. Each formula must...