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  1. algoritma

    Trend Kanalı Average True Range Bands

    Average True Range Bands stdha:= Mov(C,20,E)+2*(ATR(20)); stdla:= Mov(C,20,E)-2*(ATR(20)); stdha; stdla kaynak metastock.com
  2. algoritma

    Al Sat Sistemi Trading with the Arps Hurst Bands

    Trading with the Arps Hurst Bands pds:= Input("LR Periods",10,100,55); a:= Input("Stdev Periods",10,100,30); s1:=Input("Smoothing Periods",2,50,10); r:=LinearReg(C,pds); x:=Mov(r,s1,S); x1 :=x+1*Stdev(C,a); x2 :=x+2*Stdev(C,a); x3 :=x+3*Stdev(C,a); y1:= x-1*Stdev(C,a); y2:= x-2*Stdev(C,a)...
  3. Bogac


    ATRperiod:=Input("ATR Period",1,500,14); BANDperiod:=Input("EMA Period",1,500,14); EMA:=MOV(c,BANDperiod,e); R1:=ATR(ATRperiod); R2:=ATR(ATRperiod)*1.618; R3:=ATR(ATRperiod)*2.618; R4:=ATR(ATRperiod)*4.236; FIBOTOP4:=EMA+R4; FIBOTOP3:=EMA+R3; FIBOTOP2:=EMA+R2; FIBOTOP1:=EMA+R1; FIBOBOT1:=EMA-R1...
  4. algoritma

    Trend Kanalı Turtle Trader Bands

    BandType:=Input("Band type (Choose 1 for Longs, 2 for Shorts): ",1,2,1); Periods:=Input("Lookback periods: ",2,1000,20); HalfPeriods:=periods/2; If(bandtype=1,Ref(HHV(H,periods),-1), If(bandtype=2,Ref(LLV(L,periods),-1),0)); If(bandtype=1,Ref(LLV(L,halfperiods),-1)...
  5. algoritma

    Trend Kanalı Range Percentage Bands by Jose Silva

    From:Peter <dan217 /at\ abacho.de> To:equismetastock /at\ yahoogroups.com <equismetastock /at\ yahoogroups.com> Date:Saturday, April 1, 2006, 6:18:09 PM Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] Guppy's MMA Just what does Guppy's MMA find when running an exploration using it...
  6. algoritma

    Hareketli Ortalama Better Bollinger Bands by Dennis McNicholl

    In an article in Futures Magazine, October 1998, Dennis McNicholl describesthe use of Bollinger Bands and provides a means of making them tighter whenmarkets are trending. He calls them Better Bollinger Bands. Here is the formula for MetaStock 6.5 or higher. Better Bollinger Bands I...
  7. algoritma

    Trend Kanalı Bollinger Bands (tightend to 90%) - John Bollinger

    > > ----- Original Message ----- > > From: "Alberto Torchio" <atorchio@xxxxxxxxx> > > To: "Realtraders" <realtraders@xxxxxxxxxxx> > > Sent: Monday, October 23, 2000 2:27 AM > > Subject: Simple question on Bollinger Bands > > > > > > Dear Listmembers, > > > > I have been asked a simple question...
  8. algoritma

    Oscillator Bollinger Band Oscillator - CCT

    Bollinger Bands were developed by John Bollinger and are envelopes that are plotted at two (2) standard deviation levels above and below a moving average. The CCT Bollinger Band Oscillator reconfigures the classic bands. The new indicator constructs two (2) parallel lines instead of the erratic...
  9. algoritma

    Trend Kanalı Adjustable Trading Bands by Tushar Chande

    Using the default values used in the formulas, I have found that theseupper and lower bands provide effective risk control while trading. The upper band can be used as the extreme point to get rid of shortsand viceversa. In fact, prices tend to remain above both the bands while the market is in...
  10. algoritma

    Trend Kanalı ATR Bands ATR Bands II by Gordon Gustafson

    The formulas discussed by Gordon Gustafson in his article in this issue, "Which Volatility Measure?" can be recreated in MetaStock 6.52 or higher. To recreate these indicators in MetaStock, select the Indicator Builder from the Tools menu. Then click New and enter the following formulas...