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  1. algoritma

    Oscillator Standard Deviation

    Standard Deviation matriks Periods:=20; BA:=(H+O+C+L)/4; BarAvg:=Mov(BA,Periods,S); stnd:=RSquared((Sum(O*O,Periods) + Sum(C*C,Periods) + Sum(H*H,Periods) + Sum(L*L,Periods)) / (Periods * 4) - (BarAvg * BarAvg)); stnd metastock Periods:=20; BA:=(H+O+C+L)/4; BarAvg:=Mov(BA,Periods,S)...
  2. algoritma

    Al Sat Sistemi ATREX Standard Deviation

    Buy x:= If(C < Mov(C, 40, E), (((L -Mov(L, 40, E)) / C) *100) *((ATR(14) / C) *100), (((H -Mov(H, 40, E)) / C) *100) *((ATR(14) / C) *100)); Cross(Mov(x, 40, E) -Stdev(x, 200), Mov(x, 3, S)) Sell x:= If(C < Mov(C, 40, E), (((L -Mov(L, 40, E)) / C) *100) *((ATR(14) / C) *100), (((H -Mov(H, 40...
  3. algoritma

    İndikatör SVAPO

    SVAPO or "Short term Volume And Price Oscillator", is my oscillator based on price and volume, looking at the relationship between these two components in an up trending and a down trending market. I like the name SVAPO, because it also starts with my initials...
  4. algoritma

    Oscillator Zigzag - Targets Deviation Oscillator

    Here is the formula for the deviation oscillator from William Cringan's "Zigzag Targets" in this issue. To input a new formula into MetaStock, select Indicator Builder from the Tools menu, select New, and enter the following formula: Zigzag Targets x:=Input("number of time periods in...
  5. algoritma

    Oscillator Volatility Trade In Gold

    David Landry Historical Volatility Num:=Input("Number Of Periods For Numerator",1,100,4); Den:=Input("Number Of Periods For Denominator",2,1000,100); Std(Log(C/Ref(C,-1)),Num)/Std(Log(C/Ref(C,-1)),Den) David Landry Average Historical Volatility Den:=Input("Number Of Periods For...
  6. algoritma

    İndikatör Volume/Price Divergence Indicator by Pablo Bozzolo

    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= From: Paolo <italoarg76__at__yahoo.it> To: <> Date: Saturday, May 20, 2006, 11:25:58 PM Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] A Metastock Price Oscilator Hi everyone! My name is Pablo Bozzolo, italo-argentinean. I'd like...
  7. algoritma

    İndikatör Natenberg's Volatility by Sheldon Natenberg

    rev. 01/21/97 Historical volatility is defined by Sheldon Natenberg, as the standard deviation of the logarithmic price changes measured at regular intervals of time. In Mr. Natenberg's book, Option Volatility & Pricing, he covers volatility in detail and gives theformula for computing...
  8. algoritma

    İndikatör Linear Regression Trendline & Channels by Jose Silva

    Linear Regression Trendline with Standard Deviation/Error Channels/Bands, date-adjustable. Linear Regression Trendline & Channels { Linear Regression Trendline & Channels v4.0 } { (c) Copyright 2004-2005 Jose Silva } { For personal use only } { http://www.metastocktools.com } { User Inputs...
  9. algoritma

    İndikatör LinReg Slope & Standard Deviation of Daily ROC's

    David, I will give it a try, at least how I see it. You should really go to a library to find a book on Basic Statistics. I have found that at least a basic grasp of statistics is essential to technical analysis so you can accurately judge if one indicator or system is really "better" than...
  10. algoritma

    İndikatör Divergence - Volume / Price by Jose Silva

    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= From: Paolo <italoarg76__at__yahoo.it> To: <> Date: Saturday, May 20, 2006, 11:25:58 PM Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] A Metastock Price Oscilator Hi everyone! My name is...
  11. algoritma

    Oscillator Chande's Forecast Oscillator I by Tushar S. Chande

    RE: Forecast Oscillator * To: <metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> * Subject: RE: Forecast Oscillator * From: "Peter Gialames" <investor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> * Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 11:45:27 -0500 * Cc: <kernish@xxxxxxxxxxxx> * Importance: Normal * In-Reply-To: <000901c199ec$41f82e80$6401a8c0@xxxxxxxxx> *...