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    Al Sat Sistemi Developing A Trading System by Dennis D. Peterson

    Developing A Trading System by Dennis D. Peterson {Developing A Trading System by Dennis D. Peterson} {BUY SIGNAL} standarddev:=60; periods:=14; StochRSI:=(RSI(periods)-LLV(RSI(periods),periods))/ (HHV(RSI(periods),periods)-LLV(RSI(periods),periods))...
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    Tarama Trading range

    Trading range col a DayOfMonth() col b C col c If( H<=Ref(H,-1) AND H<=Ref(H,-2) AND L>=Ref(L,-1) AND L>=Ref(L,-2) AND Mov(C,20,S)<= L ,1,0) Filter: colC=1 kaynak purebytes
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    Al Sat Sistemi Elder Triple Screen Trading System

    Elder Triple Screen Trading System Coded by Dennis Skoblar 7/05/2005. Derrived from "Trading For A Living" and "Come Into My Trading Room" by Alexander Elder. This scan finds candidates by the Weekly MACD Historgam slope, and the Daily 2 Period Force Index dipping above or below it's Zero Line...
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    Pozisyon Turtle Trading System

    Turtle Trading System Turtle trading is a most famous trading system; I wrote a series of articles to provide the basic concepts of turtle trading system. In this article, I will give you a few examples on how to apply the turtle systems in your trading by using MetaStock. One of the most...
  5. algoritma

    Day Trading The Vortex Indicator Trading System

    The article “The Vortex Indicator” introduces a new indicator and a suggested trading method. Both can be added to MetaStock with the formulas listed below. I split the indicator into two separate formulas to make it easier to color them correctly. To enter these indicators into MetaStock...
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    Al Sat Sistemi Buy Trigger Trading System by Glenn Wallace

    Buy Trigger Trading System Enter Long: {System Tester options are set to enter on the Close} BuyTrigger:=(MOV(C,10,E) - MOV(C,30,E)) / MOV(C,30,E); BuyTrigger > 0.05 Close Long: BuyTrigger:=(MOV(C,10,E) - MOV(C,30,E)) / MOV(C,30,E); BuyPrice:= If(PREV <= 0, {Then did you go long today?}...
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    Al Sat Sistemi Automatic Support and Resistance Trading System by Mel Widner

    Copied from Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine. This is in regards to an article on page 51 of the May 1998 issue. In my article "Automatic support and resistance" in thisissue, I present a computerized approach to finding support and resistance levels on achart. To...
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    Trend Kanalı Adjustable Trading Bands by Tushar Chande

    Using the default values used in the formulas, I have found that theseupper and lower bands provide effective risk control while trading. The upper band can be used as the extreme point to get rid of shortsand viceversa. In fact, prices tend to remain above both the bands while the market is in...