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  • DİKKAT: Formüller, Sistemler sadece eğitim amaçlıdır. Alım satım, olası anapara kaybı ve diğer kayıplar dahil olmak üzere "YÜKSEK RİSK" içerir.


  1. algoritma

    Oscillator 21 Day Trigger

    Look at these two oscillators in MSWIN, and compare them to Dahl.Put a 21 day EMA on each, think of the 21 day ema as a trigger. See what they tell you. -- Dahl is long term, Ian is shortest term. Raschke Oscillator Mov(Fml( "Raschke 3-10" ),16,E) where "Raschke 3-10" Mov(C,3,S) - Mov(C,10,S)...
  2. algoritma

    Uzman Danışman Trend Trigger Factor Expert by M.H. Pee

    M.H. Pee's article in this issue, "Trend Trigger Factor" introduces an indicator of the same name. Here, we present the formula for this expert advisor and the steps to include it in MetaStock. Trend Trigger Factor Expert 1. In the Tools menu, select the Expert Advisor 2. Click New to open...
  3. algoritma

    Al Sat Sistemi Trend Trigger Factor System by M.H. Pee

    Since Pee's article also included the signals to trade this indicator, it is possible to construct a system test and an expert advisor for it. These formulas and the procedure for creating them follow. Trend Trigger Factor System Buy order: x:=15; bp:=HHV(H,x)-Ref(LLV(L,x),-x)...
  4. algoritma

    Al Sat Sistemi Buy Trigger Trading System by Glenn Wallace

    Buy Trigger Trading System Enter Long: {System Tester options are set to enter on the Close} BuyTrigger:=(MOV(C,10,E) - MOV(C,30,E)) / MOV(C,30,E); BuyTrigger > 0.05 Close Long: BuyTrigger:=(MOV(C,10,E) - MOV(C,30,E)) / MOV(C,30,E); BuyPrice:= If(PREV <= 0, {Then did you go long today?}...